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Bondi Band High Performance Headband

Take a peek at our video to see the Bondi Band High Performance Headband, their best selling headband. The thing that sets them apart from other headband companies is that their fabric is a high performance fabric just like a technical shirt you would buy; it has that same sweat wicking component. They have a no slip, no drip policy. The reason they call it no slip, no drip is because of that sweat wicking component, it’s got the wicking factor to it, so it’s going to grab that sweat and wick it away and keep you dry and cool while you’re running. It’s also going to keep that sweat from dripping down into your eyes.

The other reason they call it no drip is the texture on the inside of the fabric, it just sits right on your skin and as long as it’s sitting right above your hairline just so that it’s touching just a little bit of skin it’s not going to slip, slide or move while you’re exercising. Often times, and especially for women who run, they will have that awful creeping feeling as they’re running that their headband is sliding off their head. They’re not going to experience that with this headband as long as it’s touching a little bit of skin. The no slip, no drip guarantee is great.

Besides this headband, they also have another large array of products to choose from. They have fashion bands that are made out of a spandex or lycra material similar to a swimsuit. They are also great at absorbing sweat and keeping your hair out of your eyes. Bondiband also has a line of compression socks and sleeves. They have braided bands, hats, and neck gators…pretty much anything you might need for a day out exercising gear.

Manufacturer: Bondiband
Product Name: High Performance Headband


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