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Quik Shade MAX Shade Camp Chair : Review

With what the sun can do to your skin … short term and long term … shade anywhere is a good thing. Even an essential thing. That makes the Quik Shade MAX Shade Camp Chair a really good thing, and for the beach an essential thing, too. You really need to consider sun exposure for your health and that of your family.

There are a million … okay, at least dozens … of collapsible camp or beach chairs that fold down to fit in a carry bag or tube. But few come with their own skin-saving shade. The Quik Shade MAX Shade does just that. The shade cover provides 99% protection from damaging direct UV light.

Other Shelter Logic Shade Chair options include the full-size in green or blue, the U.S. Flag folding chair, the Pro Comfort Low Back, the Pro Comfort High Back, the Max Shade Chair, and the Quick Shade Beach Recliner. You can check out the Shelter Logic website at to see which option is the right choice for your needs. Many of the models are adjustable to suit both the situation and the user.

Besides the obvious advantages of having instant shade anywhere, we like the solid feel of these chairs once they are set up in position. Even the plus-size members of the 50 Campfires team felt confident sitting in the Shelter Logic Shade Chair on both soft beach sand and in gravel areas. The large feet on each leg prevent them from sinking too far even into soft sand.

There are conveniences on some models like in-arm beverage holders and seat-side storage pouches. Another great thing about the Quik Shade Max Shade is the pricing for a solid chair. All of the models are available for less than $40.00.

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