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Lightspeed Outdoors Tiny Tent Review

If you’ve ever been camping with kids and thought “man it would be nice if they had their own tent,” you will love the Tiny Tent. The LightSpeed Outdoors Tiny Tent makes for a fun, portable play area for kids and pets that sets up in seconds.

Appearance:  When all set up, the Tiny Tent by Lightspeed Outdoors displays a nice assortment of earthy colors. The self inflating mat slides underneath the floor of the tent in a protective shell.

Functionality:  It really doesn’t get much easier than setting up a LightSpeed Outdoors tent. The Tiny Tent can literally be set up in 15 seconds. Which is great if you have a very anxious child who can’t wait to play in it. This tent acts as a functional fort for your kids and even shelter for your pets with a SPF 30+ rating. Approved for babies 6 months and up, the Tiny Tent is the perfect sanctuary for babies. The easy zippered door and three windows allows for perfect visibly or protection depending on your situation.

Ease of Use:  You cannot find a tent easier to set up than the top-pull hub system by Lightspeed Outdoors. The windows of the tent easily roll up and fastened by velcro straps. The pad self inflates by simply unscrewing the cap and opening the nozzle.

Value:  This is a great value for $79.99 for a tent that can be used for your child from 6 months till they out grow the space.

Weight: Weighing in at 5 pounds the Tiny Tent is light enough to haul anywhere. The packaging is small with a great strapped bag for easy hauling. From the living room to the campsite the Tiny Tent has a ton of uses!

Lightspeed Outdoors Tiny Tent Overview
Lightspeed Outdoors Tiny Tent
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