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STABILicers Run Ice Cleat Review

Because you’re not the type of person to let winter get you down, the STABILicers Run Ice cleat allows you to enjoy that winter run with a little less risk of falling.

Appearance: Coming in green and gray the STABILicers Run Ice Cleat is compact but packs an aggressive tread combination that allows for easy mobility and traction. Nine heat treated tips surround the edge of the cleat with aggressive ridges down the middle for that little bit of extra grip.

This is the Stabilicers Run Ice cleat; they are an aggressive ice cleat with a tread combination that allows easy mobility on those wintery runs. They were made to be lightweight and hold securely in running shoes or causal footwear. They come equipped with an optional Velcro strap that goes across the top of the shoe to keep them in place. The cleats are heat treated and are replaceable which will save you money in the long run. One thing we really like about the run ice cleats is just how stretchy they are. Right away I didn’t think they would fit over my shoe but was impressed with how much they stretched and how secure they felt once on. The Stabilicers Run ice cleats are right around $43 are fantastic for anyone looking to run outside in the winter.

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