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The White Sierra Kool Sun Hat Will Keep You Protected

If you are an avid camper you know the extreme weather conditions one weekend can throw at you. From heat to rain and bugs, mother nature sure has it out for us sometimes. Thanks to some very smart people, we have invented many ways to combat mother natures wrath. One of those ways is with the White Sierra Kool Sun Hat.

white sierra kool sun hat
The Insect Shield technology in the all new Sierra Kool Sun Hat keeps all those annoying insects away

The Kool Sun Hat has Insect Shield technology, that provides long lasting protection from mosquitoes, ticks, flies and other bugs. Basically what that means is the hat has a special spray in the material, this can be washed around 50 times before the insect repellant wears off. The hat also has UPF sun protection so you can feel safe exposed to the sun.

We really like how flexible the hat is, it has very soft, moisture wicking material which is great for when you are camping on a hot or rainy weekend. On top there is a draw cord that allows you to customize your fit of the hat. We also like that the chinstrap can come off if you don’t want to wear it. Overall this just a great hat if you’re going to be outside for a long period of time in the sun or buggy areas.

Price: $30

See The White Sierra Kool Sun Hat In Action

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