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The Travel Chair Sleeprite Cot Will Have You Sleeping Like A Baby

If you’ve spent nights sleeping directly on the bumpy, rocky ground of a campsite you know that is not the best solution. But large air mattresses can take up a lot of room and sleeping pads don’t actually get you elevated off the ground. Meet the Travel Chair Sleeprite Cot, its a luxury cot with out the hassle of set up. With just a few parts that get the legs attached, the sleeprite cot is ready to be laid on in minutes.

Most cots don’t break down very well, leaving you carrying this big folded up bed. Trust us, that is not fun to pack in your car. The Travel Chair Sleeprite cot is compact, shrinking down to a size that can fit in a backpack and weighs less than 5 pounds. But what truly sets it apart from other cots is the size. It is wider, longer and just plain more comfortable then other comparable cots on the market.

Price: $197.99

See the Travel Chair Sleeprite Cot in action

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