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Adventure Medical Heeler Kit Overview

Overview: For 25 years Adventure Medical has been providing wilderness first aid kits. They are expanding into a new area of expertise – the four-legged kind, as they introduce the Adventure Dog Series. Designed for enthusiasts who don’t leave home without their furry sidekicks, the Adventure Dog Series includes a range of medical kits and Adventure Dog Wipes designed specifically for their canine companion. The Adventure Medical Heeler Kit is the most compact of all the new dog kit’s and is a great add-on to a human kit. It is a great basic kit to throw in to the first aid kit you should already be bringing for yourself.

What Makes It Unique: By adding medical kits for canines, Adventure Medical has created a unique offering of safety supplies for dogs and humans. We love that each kit has a purpose and gear that corresponds to its need. The Adventure Medical Heeler Kit is lightweight and waterproof. Being some compact makes it easy to throw in your pack or human first aid kit. It has basic medical essentials for treating common dog ailments, like ticks, thorns, and torn up paw pads. It also includes a triangular bandage, which can be utilized as a muzzle, so one can safely administer first aid to their injured animal. We love this little kit as an accessory for your larger, human first aid kit.

Manufacturer: Adventure Medical
Product Name: Heeler Kit
MSRP: $10.00

adventure medical heeler kit
First aid essentials for your four-legged friend
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