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LokSak OpSak Storage Bag Review

LokSak OpSak Storage Bag Review

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Some bags are meant to keep dirt and water out. Some bags are meant for carrying a lot of stuff. This bag by LokSak does all that as well as keeping odors trapped inside. Sound odd? Not if you are camping in the woods and you want to keep the wild animals away from your food. This series of bags will keep your food from the elements and the smell out of the noses of bears and other animals near your campsite.

Appearance: The OpSak looks like a storage bag, except it is thicker and more durable. This product is simple, but very well engineered and put together as a proud product of the U.S.A. The clear side allows you to see what is inside while still blocking odors from escaping. These bags come in stock sizes ranging from 7” x 7” to 28” x 20”.

Functionality: These bags do exactly what they say. With your food in these things, you can sleep easy knowing the wild animals are not smelling their next meal at your campsite. Their website goes on to explain, “They can also be used to pack out body waste.” That’s right. You can use it for storing your waste, or dirty diapers full of your kid’s waste, and rest at ease that the odor will not be a problem.

LokSak OpSak Branded
LokSak OpSak Storage Bag

Ease of Use: If you have operated a zip-lock style storage bag, you can handle this product. It has a very easy to open seal, but it’s still surprisingly strong. It is also a very large bag. We used the 12.5″ x 20″ bag and as you can see from the picture it held a jar of pickles, package of meat, 5 apples and and orange all with plenty of room to spare.

Durability: I had no worries of this bag stretching or ripping even with all that food and a whole jar of pickles in it. There is no question this bag can withstand a beating. The bag’s durability is one of the best selling points.

Value: These bags have a very high value for their ability to lock in odors, while maintaining a water and air tight barrier for your food or other camping items. Packages of these bags range from $8.79 for a 2-pack of 7″ x 7″ bags to $20.49 for a 2-pack of 28″ x 20″.


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