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MyPakage : Support Your Next Adventure

Let’s face it. Guys rarely talk about their underwear.
We’re taught at a young age how to change them, but beyond that – they’re generally ignored until there’s a problem.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you likely have a problem.

While every other piece of clothing you own has progressed and become smarter, better fitting and guided by technology – you’ve decided to leave your most crucial base layer in the past.


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Here are 3 reasons why MyPakage should be your next pair of underwear.

1. Support, support, support!

If you’re still wearing a traditional boxer or brief, you’re either keeping everything too loose or too tight. With the MyPakage Keyhole Technology, there’s a region dedicated to keeping your most precious cargo secure – without feeling constrained. Once you experience it, it’s almost impossible to go back to traditional underwear.

2. Fit

MyPakage offers several different lengths and materials in their collection that result in fits appropriate for everything from a day at the office to a week in the backcountry. We’ve found that their Weekday Boxer Brief is our go-to, while their Premium Merino Wool Boxer adds another level to a proper base layer set up – adding warmth and dryness where it’s needed most.

3. Built for every activity

We’ve hiked Cadillac Mountain in Maine, and explored the depths of Badwater Basin wearing MyPakage. In the winter, we’ve sat ice fishing for hours at a time in the Merino Wool Boxers. From the hottest days in the sun to the coldest days in the snow, MyPakage has exceeded our expectations of what a pair of underwear should be.

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