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ManCan : Picnic Kit – The ULTIMATE Refillable Growler – Review

If it’s happened to me once, it’s happened a thousand times. I’ll stop off at the local brewery on my way to meet up with some friends, and pick up a growler of craft beer to share with the crew. That’s the easy part. The tough part comes after you’ve opened the growler (of often expensive beer) and slowly watch your purchase go flat. You’ve traditionally had two choices: Either you can drink faster – or you can grin and bear it. It’s with this wisdom that ManCan enters the scene with their lineup of keg-shaped, pressurized, refillable growlers.

What They Are

While many advancements have been made in the field of stainless steel beer growlers, there’s been one feature that’s evaded the design: Pressure. The ManCan Picnic Kit tackles this issue head-on. Available in two sizes – 64oz (the same size as a traditional brewery growler) and 128 oz (double growler size), the ManCan is constructed of stainless steel making it virtually indestructible. If the features stopped there, I think I’d be impressed. However, ManCan upped the ante on their Picnic Kit – and added a 2 stage regulator system. In layman’s terms, they’ve added a CO2 cartridge to the tap system – ensuring that your beer remains fresh and carbonated until you’re ready for the next refill.

Why We Like Them

If you’re a beer drinker, and you’ve purchased a growler to-go…you already know the pain of a flat $20 jar of beer. You want it to taste as good at home as it did out of the tap. ManCan bridges the gap from tap to home (or campsite) with ease. The 128 oz ManCan picnic is large enough (a full gallon) without being “too big”. If the 128 oz size intimidates you, they’ve got the 64 oz ManCan waiting in the wings. They’re also priced right at less than $100 – your beer selection will be the talk of the evening.

Check out the ManCan 128 oz Picnic Kit

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