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Recreational Kayaks: Good, Better, Best

Which recreational kayak is best for you?

Recreational kayaks are popular choices for beginners. They are stable, easier to store, and have plenty of room for gear and/or pets. If you want to explore both lakes and rivers at a leisurely pace, a recreational kayak is the right choice for you. The next question is – which one do you buy?

If you’ve always been curious about kayaking and don’t want to spend much money, the Viper 10.4 is a good choice. Many of you have probably seen these at Menards and thought, “Are these things any good? Are they junk?” I’m here to tell you that they are not junk. For $200 you’ll be able to spend a summer or two out on the water to find out if you actually like kayaking. The Viper 10.4 is a solid, stable kayak. The foot rests are a little cheap and they come with cheaply made paddles, but hey – you’re out on the water for $200. If kayaking is for you I guarantee you’ll have fun in this kayak.

Maybe you’ve went kayaking with a friend a few times and you’ve decided that you really like kayaking. If so, a better choice might be the Old Town Vapor 10XT. It will be noticeably more sturdy and more comfortable. When you hammer down on the Viper 10.4 foot rests, you feel like they might break. Not so on the Old Town Vapor 10XT. This is a kayak you could use for many years to come.

Ok – you’re really starting to get your stroke down. Your Viper 10.4 is starting to feel like a station wagon. You’re full on addicted to kayaking. One of the best kayaks you can hop into is the Current Designs Solara 120. You’ll immediately notice the upgrade in ergonomics. The seat is very comfortable, and the seat back moves to articulate your paddle strokes. You’ll appreciate the water resistant rear storage, as well as the shallow v-hull for maneuverability.



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Good, better, and best

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