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Darn Tough Vermont Lifestyle Sock Collection

Overview: First of all, there’s no one perfect sock for anybody. The sock that you wear really depends on your style, what feels good to you, what level of performance you’re at in your sport and how hot or cold your feet run.  Darn Tough Vermont will show you a range of socks in the above video you should consider when, for example, you look at a winter sock for downhill skiing.

They start with 4 socks that represent the sort of levels you can go to depending on what you like. Darn Tough Vermont starts with the warmest sock that you can buy in their line. This would be an Expedition level sock. This is an extremely, extremely rugged sock. In terms of its insulating capability it’s probably an overkill for most everyone unless you’re doing a high mountain expedition, you’re climbing Denali or doing an Everest expedition or something similar. But sometimes people who have extremely cold feet will prefer this sock.

The Merino wool sock is mixed with some other yarns to give it the right elasticity and make it fit your foot perfectly so there is no bunching, no pressure or hot spots. But what makes this a very warm sock is the full terry loop cushioning that you see all around this sock, so in the cuff, bottom of the foot, top of the foot, toe terry loop cushioning everywhere, Merino wool and very dense knitting. All of Darn Tough Vermont’s socks are knitted to the highest density in the industry and so that simply means more terry loops per square inch of sock and that just traps a lot more air and keeps the sock resilient for much longer. All of this results in higher insulation value for this sock.

Take a look at the video above and visit Darn Tough Vermont to see a range of socks varying from expedition level socks, very high performance downhill socks, winter performance socks, extremely lightweight socks, and more.

Manufacturer: Darn Tough
Product Name: Lifestyle Sock Collection


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