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TruKid Hero Stick for Bug Bite Relief

tru kid hero stick
Tru Kid Hero Stick

It has happened to all of us, you either don’t put enough bug spray on or forget entirely and the next morning you have bug bites everywhere. Those first few days after getting bit by mosquitoes can be very annoying. They itch like crazy, swell up and cause skin irritation. I’ve tried multiple gels and sticks some have better success than others. This last time, after being bitten by hundreds of mosquitoes I tried the Tru Kid Hero Stick for bug bites to help give me relief. Yes it may be geared more towards children but it is also handy and effective for adults.


TruKid Hero Stick comes in a small stick with a pop off top and spin wheel on the bottom to adjust as you need more product out of the tube. The balm has yellowish tint to it and feels somewhat like Vaseline but definitely less greasy. It has a very natural, herbal and citrusy smell to it. Made me think right away that it was going to be a winner.

tru kid her stick
Unwanted Bug Bites

It comes in a compact stick, which makes it easy to throw in your camping tote to make sure you have bug bite relief with you in times of need.

Does the Hero Stick Work for Bug Bites?

Does it work? is really the question that everyone wants answered. The fact that TruKid Hero Stick is all natural and has many organic ingredients that make it great but with some products that can hinder effectiveness. I kept an open mind as I try to use as many products that are natural and good for me.

Applying the balm is easy. Just roll it on from the stick or put some on your finger to apply. I gathered some on my finger and was surprised how much coverage just a little dob of the Hero Stick provides. It didn’t feel greasy and spread over all of my bites easily. Application was a breeze, but effectiveness is the true test. After application I went about my day and realized that I hadn’t been reaching down every 20 minutes to itch my bites like a mad person. I was provided instant and long lasting relief. I didn’t reapply the balm until about 2.5 hours later when one of the bites started itching again. The hero stick proved to be effective for treating the itchiness of bug bites.

tru kid hero stick
Hero Stick provides relief for bug bites

I have been using the hero stick for the past few weeks, not only for bug bite relief but for its other great uses such as dry skin. It is filled with good for you type ingredients and gives me piece of mind.

Key Points

  • Doesn’t cause a mess and is easy to apply
  • Small so it can fit in your purse, camping tote or backpack
  • Provides effective relief and has natural ingredients which are actually good for you
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