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Countdown to Black Friday Camping Gear Deals

I was in a department store last night, and they already had holiday music playing. I worked retail for a couple of years, and anyone who has will agree, they play their holiday music far too early.

The couple weeks from Halloween to Thanksgiving seem to get no credit anymore. In much of the country, the weather is still warm, we’re still outdoors, yet it seems like the upcoming holidays are starting earlier and earlier every year.

If you’re anything like us, you aren’t quite ready for the holiday shopping season. Not because we procrastinated like we usually do and have it sneak up on us, it just seems a little too early for us to be thinking about buying gifts. BUT, if deals are going on involving camping gear, where like a moth to a flame. Once again, our gear lust has gotten the better of us.

Amazon recently released their Countdown to Black Friday Deals where, every day, they update their deals of the day on some great camping equipment and gear. Saving you some leg work, we’ll be picking what we feel like is the best deal on the best camping gear and sharing it with all of you.

Today’s pick is the Stanley One Hand Vacuum Mug. You need a good mug for that road trip to the campground, and you know Stanley gear pretty much lasts forever.


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