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The Zippo Outdoor Campfire Carrier Makes Camping Easier

When you think of the name Zippo you automatically think of the lighter, and a good one at that. But that is not all they are good at. Zippo Outdoor has launched a whole new line of products geared to the family and car camping community. These products are innovative and built to the high quality standards of the infamous Zippo lighters.

The Zippo Outdoor Campfire Carrier is great for that family camper needing to gather wood for the campfire. Ever got a sliver from gathering wood or kindling for your campfire? We have. That’s why we like this new Campfire Carrier, it makes it super easy to bring wood to your campsite. Even if you are buying wood from the campground office this carrier still makes it much easier to get it from the office to your campsite with out trying to carry armloads for dirty firewood. The carrier is like a sling and it is big, 22″ x 36″. It is made out of a tough nylon with a handle that makes it easy to carry an armload of wood with one hand. Another great feature is that the outside of the carrier has pockets to hold your fire starter, lighter, gloves and any other gadgets you may need to carry. The Campfire Carrier can be versatile and is a great for hauling loose gear in to your campsite. You can then turn right around and use it to carry firewood to your site. Overall it is handy to have around the campsite and can make camp life a little easier.

Price: $24.95

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