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WATCH: Everglades Hikers Pass a Dozen Alligators Like It’s Normal

While hiking in the Everglades, two hikers come across a dozen or so alligators as they walk the trail, and they act like it’s no big deal. Well, one of them acts like it’s no big deal. The second hiker—the one recording—isn’t so sure, but he goes along with it anyway.

In the video posted by Melvin and Lilia Rivera, @caminocouple on Instagram, the pair walks along a path in the Everglades. Alligators are everywhere, lounging along the sides of the trail, and sometimes laying right on the path itself.

Lilia seems confident that everything’s fine. She tells Melvin: “You should be one of those people who hike with a big gigantic stick, because that’s what the people who are scared of gators do.”

She advises him to “just keep walking normal.”

Melvin keeps recording. At one point, he whispers, “That is GIANT.”

Watch these Everglades hikers pass a bunch of alligators on the trail:

American alligators live in the southeastern United States, including within Everglades National Park. They mostly live in and near freshwater swamps and marshes, but you can also find them in other small bodies of water within their geographic range.

Would you take a hike that required you to step over gators on the trail?

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