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Another Deadly Day: Harrowing Tornado Footage From Tennessee and Beyond

Yesterday was another deadly day as a result of severe weather in the Midwest and southeastern United States. Multiple tornadoes touched down in the past 24 hours, and several people have died in states such as Tennessee and North Carolina. Injuries have also been reported in Michigan and Alabama.

Tornadoes ripped through cities like Spring Hill and Columbia in Tennessee. Locals documented the twisters and posted harrowing footage on social media.

Damage and injury reports are still coming in as the affected states grapple with damage amid continued severe-weather warnings.

Here’s drone footage of storm damage to Columbia, Tennessee:

Tennessee was hit hard, but other states also experienced death and destruction during this latest round of tornadoes.

Watch as a tornado rips up all the trees in a Michigan backyard:

This situation is ongoing. We will update this article as more news becomes available.

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