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WATCH: Is This the Most Dangerous Hotel in the World?

The creators of Estancia Bonanza El Chaltén, a glamorous property near the Fitz Roy in the region of Patagonia, are building what could be the most dangerous hotel in the world.

The hotel room will be called Ovo Patagonia, and it’s a dome made of all windows with a 360-degree view of Fitz Roy Mountain.

The closest city is El Chaltén, known as “Argentina’s Trekking Capital.” Many people visit El Chaltén to complete the Fitz Roy hike, which is about 13.3 miles round trip and takes 8-10 hours to complete. The Fitz Roy sits on the border of Argentina and Chile and goes through Los Glaciares National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The famous hike is the entryway to Patagonia’s iconic granite walls.

The Estancia Bonanza luxury hotel is at the base of the Bosque mountain range in nearly 20,000 acres of woods, featuring lakes and rivers, as well as mountains and glaciers. It costs $800-$1,800 to stay at one of Estancia Bonanza’s unique rooms, so we can only imagine what the price tag will be for sleeping in a see-through dome with a private view of the Fitz Roy range.

The Estancia Bonanza invited travel influencers Justin Choquette and blogger Antonella Fonte to get a sneak peak of the dangerous sleeping quarters.

“This hotel is on the side of a cliff 🤯” Choquette remarks.

The hotel, which looks like a pod hanging off a rock face, has a first-class view of the incredible mountain range—perfect for watching sunrises and sunsets, and it’ll drop your stomach every time you look down.

Choquette explains that he had to be escorted to the hotel room by rappelling ropes.

The hotel-room pod is still under construction, but the Estancia Bonanza has plans to open it to guests next year.

“Just hope you don’t hear ‘room service’ in the middle of night cuz it’s probably not a human,” Chochette jokes.

Would you stay in a hotel on the side of a cliff? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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