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Will ‘Calm-cations’ Be the Next Travel Trend for Reconnecting with Nature?

International travel was king in 2023. While crowds still headed to our national parks and outdoor spaces, many flew to new cities and destinations as the world eased travel restrictions. However, the 2024 travel trend marks a return to the outdoors with a “calm-cation.”

According to research from Campspot, an online platform for booking and managing campgrounds, curated time in nature is what people will want in the new year. Their study found that increased economic uncertainty is driving people back to simple outdoor trips. Combine that with lavish trips of catching flights and busy cities this past year, and many now say “the mountains are calling.”

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While COVID-19 sent many deep into the woods in 2020 and 2021, in 2024, people want amenities—fancy travel but simplified. For instance, people want an easy trip to a campground near a pristine lake with Wi-Fi.

Campspot’s survey found one in three people feel very stressed about the economy, and nearly 70% of campers want a sense of calm and relaxation in 2024. Hence the demand for a “calm-cation.”

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Interestingly, 91% of campers surveyed by Campspot said they want internet of some kind, and more than half said they feel more relaxed with internet access. 

Another priority is clean, fresh air, which actually ranked as the number-one demand. Coming in a little behind that was access to water like a lake, river, or beach.

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