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Is This Smart, All-Electric Travel Trailer the Future of RVs?

Prepare for a glimpse into the future of RV life. A company called Pebble has unveiled its all-electric travel trailer called Pebble Flow, and it’s pretty impressive. Like many things in today’s digital world, you can even control it using your smart phone.

Pebble Flow runs on solar energy and EV batteries, and it’s got enough capacity for seven days off the grid. It also has as much computing power as an autonomous vehicle. For instance, pop it into remote-control mode and the thing will hitch and/or park itself at the touch of button. (That’s right, no more blindly backing your trailer up into campsites, although we’re sure you’re great at it.)

There’s even a setting called “InstaCamp,” which will get you set up and ready to relax in record time. While there aren’t a lot of details yet on InstaCamp, we have high hopes.

There are other benefits of having a connected travel trailer, like the ability to control the lights and monitor tank levels, energy levels, solar charge, and more from the Pebble app.

Pebble Flow is now available for pre-order in the U.S., starting at USD $109,000. The company estimates it will be shipping units before the end of 2024.

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