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Wildlife Officials Search for a Mule Deer That Attacked a Colorado Woman

It’s pretty rare to hear about a deer attack, but for the second time this year, Colorado officials are searching for a buck that attacked a woman.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers, a mule deer gored a 67-year-old woman outside her home in the town of Silver Cliff. 

The woman was stepping out of her home when a small buck mule deer attacked her. The animal uses its antlers to puncture a wound on her left leg and bruise her right leg. She says the deer had two spikes on each antler.

Fortunately, the woman managed to get back inside and call her husband for help. The woman went to a nearby hospital for treatment.

deer attack
The deer punctured the woman’s leg. (Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

What Causes a Deer to Attack

Wildlife officers have not heard of any other incidents in the area but believe people must have fed the deer in the past, allowing it to be comfortable near homes and approaching humans.

“I believe this is a good example of what happens when deer lose their natural fear of humans,” said Mike Brown, Colorado Parks & Wildlife Area Wildlife Manager in the region. “They become aggressive and dangerous. This is a good reminder that wild animals should always be treated as such and that people need to give wildlife the space they need. We’re glad this woman wasn’t more seriously injured.” 

Later that day, witnesses saw two deer sparring outside the same home. Officials say this is common behavior due to the ongoing rut season. No one knows if either of those animals was involved in the attack. If wildlife officials find the animal, they plan on euthanizing it.

A similar incident occurred in October of this year in Aspen, Colorado. Wildlife officials say a buck attacked a woman on a basketball court. CPW did euthanize that deer. They also believe that the animal had become accustomed to being fed by people.

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