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TSA Caught Man With ‘Little Pink Snakes’ in His Pants

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers made a surprising discovery at the Miami International Airport on Friday when a man tried to sneak a couple of snakes into the airport. He was hiding the snakes in his pants.

Local news station WFLA says: “After TSA agents removed the snakes from [the man’s] possession, they called U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Miami-Dade police, who turned the little pink snakes over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.”

The unidentified perpetrator reportedly had an Oakley sunglasses bag hidden somewhere in his pants. Inside the Oakley bag were two “little pink snakes” and a bunch of white pellet-looking things.

Sure, snakes have a bad habit of turning up in unexpected places, but snakes in someone’s pants at the airport? This one really takes the cake.

The little pink snakes could be pink corn snake morphs, or they may have albinism, a genetic mutation that inhibits melanin production. Some albino animals have a pinkish hue. One of the animals notably has a large red dot on the top of its head.

There’s no official information about why this man was trying to sneak snakes through airport security, but his fellow plane passengers ought to be glad TSA checked his pants.

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