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WATCH: Grizzly and Moose Fight in Alaskan River

A fly fishing guide captured a “once-in-a-lifetime” moment as a moose tried to fight off a hungry grizzly bear in the Alaskan wild. 

In a post on Instagram dated July 25, Sam Vassar said he got to see “the entire interaction” of the brown bear stalking and killing the moose. 

The video shows the bear chasing the moose into the water and then both animals take desperate actions. At one point, as the bear tries to claw and bite the moose, the moose starts stomping on the bear. 

However, the bear ultimately sinks its teeth into the moose’s neck and eventually kills it. The video closes with the bear dragging the moose’s body onto land. 

According to the post, the video was filmed from a fishing boat in the Alagnak Wild River, which is in the Aleutian Range of neighboring Katmai National Park. 

On its website, the National Park Service warns Alagnak visitors to “prepare for bear encounters.” NPS said the bear population increases significantly in the summer and fall seasons as the bears follow the salmon. 

In the comments, Vassar said he’ll post the full, unedited version of the video later in August.

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  1. Catherine j Stout

    I know it is the way of nature, but it’s so sad to see the beautiful taken down..

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