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Watch: Amazon’s New Drama ‘Wilderness’ is like ‘Gone Girl’ but With National Parks

The new trailer for the upcoming series Wilderness is a combination of high-drama and misdirection between lovers set to the Taylor Swift song Look What You Made Me Do

In a press release, Amazon Studios called the show a “psychological thriller” about a British couple whose “epic” national parks tour turns into a “living nightmare.” 

However, you’ll need to take a step back to understand why things go awry. Although the couple may appear normal and happy on the surface, Liv (Jenna Coleman) finds out her husband, Will (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), is having an affair and plans to trip for revenge. 

Wilderness is based on the B.E. Jones novel of the same name. Some say it’s like Gone Girl, but with Brits and the Grand Canyon. The show was adapted for TV by writer, creator, and executive producer Marnie Dickens. 

Dickens was behind other shows like mini-series Thirteen and Gold Diggers. She called the new show “pure, unadulterated fun.” 

“[O]ur heroine Liv says the things you wish you had the guts to, does the things you can only fantasize about, and lives by her own increasingly outrageous set of rules,” Dickens said. 

Wilderness is scheduled to be released on Amazon Prime on Sept. 15. 

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