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Did Santa Come Early? Nope, It’s a Bighorn Sheep on That Rooftop

A bighorn sheep became trapped on the roof of a home in Boulder, Colorado. Bighorn sheep can easily top 200 pounds, so we wager this didn’t sound like the soft clatter of Santa and his reindeer on the rooftop. 

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, officers responded to a call about the animal, but in the end, the bighorn sheep made its way down from the roof to an elevated deck on its own. Officers hoped the sheep would find its way home from there, but after another day and a half, they had to return to help the animal some more.

bighorn sheep boulder roof
(Source: Colorado Parks & Wildlife)

Wildlife officers cut part of the deck railing to free the animal. A short time later, the bighorn sheep was finally on its way.

rocky mountain bighorn sheep
(Source: Colorado Parks & Wildlife)

However, before it ran into the mountains, the bighorn sheep stopped at a trail camera for these hilarious pictures.

bighorn sheep rescue
(Source: Colorado Parks & Wildlife)

Bighorn sheep are common in Colorado, especially in the foothills in places like Boulder and on the drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park.

The National Park Service says Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep are the largest wild sheep in North America. In some cases, they can weigh more than 300 pounds.

The animals, especially the male sheep or rams, are known for their massive horns. The animals will use their horns to protect themselves. They will also ram and battle other males to assert dominance during mating season. The horns are so large they can weigh up to 30 pounds.

Can you imagine an animal this big getting stuck on your roof?

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