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Two-Legged Fox Video Is Taking The World By Storm

An unusual sighting in England is sweeping the viral world: a two-legged fox.

The animal was filmed for about 45-minutes by an English couple, who naturally uploaded it to the internet. Homeowners, Phil and Jane Carter, said that they had never seen the fox before this encounter. They added that the fox appeared to be acting normal, foraging for food from the garden and yard.

The fox is all the more unusual since it only has front legs, though experts believe it to be healthy.

Take a look at this!

BBC Radio spoke with a wildlife expert Mike Dilger about the animal.

“I think it’s probably a generic abnormality or disorder,” he told the BBC. “So it’s probably happened from birth rather than the result from an injury.

“The reason I think that is because it is so adept. I mean its poise, and its balance and control is astonishing.”

Plenty of commenters took the chance to poke fun.

Comments about it being a “fov” and not a “fox” did generate some buzz for the humor, though many wanted to known if the animal was in fact, fine.

Dilger explained why he believed it to be healthy.

“I’ve seen quite a lot of animals that have been injured when they have lost, for example, a hind leg . . . so if it loses a hind leg, it’s not doing too badly at all. If it loses a fore leg, it’s much more difficult.

“But this has lost both legs, and the fact that it’s looking so confident and so able, tells me that’s probably happened from birth. I mean it’s an amazing survivalist story.”

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