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WATCH: Hikers Film Bear Chasing Bighorn Sheep from Parking Lot

A pair of hikers in Kananaskis Country (Alberta, Canada) got more than they bargained for when they pulled into the parking lot for a fall trek.

In the video posted to Instagram, a Calgary-based photographer named Bree is filming what appears to be a herd of bighorn sheep approaching her vehicle. She starts to get out of the car when she and her hiking partner realize there’s a brown bear chasing the sheep up the hill toward the parking lot.

“Holy sh**!” she exclaims, as she promptly gets back in the car and shuts the door.

Thankfully, the bear changes course and chases a different group of sheep along the highway. Bree keeps the camera rolling from her ideal vantage point looking down at the highway.

Reflecting on the experience later, she writes in her caption:

“Turns out, grizzlies can move pretty fast when they are chasing after prey. I hope this video can be a good reminder that bears are out and about right now and they demand our respect and distance. I’m grateful we were safely perched right beside the car inside the door, when the sheep turned our way. Some things to remember when you’re getting in your last fall hikes… Don’t get too close to wildlife (on second thought, we probably should have just stayed in the car). Don’t forget your bear spray! And take a friend (or a few) along for any hikes right now!!! Bears are super active right now as they prepare for winter. Feeling like we got to experience something very special today that I won’t soon forget! What a beautiful creature and a wild day. ✨”

Watch the chase here:

Bears are more active during this time of year as they fatten up for the winter.

Here are some tips for staying safe in the outdoors in bear country.

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