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Best Products at ICAST 2021: SPRO

Russ Lane shows us the new SPRO topwater bait at ICAST 2021, The SPRO Fat Poppa Walker. This topwater bait created MLF Pro Angler Russ Lane. The great thing about this bait is that it has a far amount of glide in a walking topwater bait. You work this slow to make it have that long sliding guide. If you want to work it hard and make more commotion, a cut lip digs down and can make a lot of commotion. The bone color is the best-selling color. Eight other colors match all different kinds of conditions.

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With the Fat Papa Walker topwater bait, you can walk the dog, chug it, or dead stick it to catch those finicky bass. If you love throwing topwater and watching lunkers explode top, the SPRO topwater bait, the Fat Papa Walker, is the one for you!

Type: Topwater Walking Bait
Size: 130 mm
Weight: 1/2 oz.

Fat Papa Walker 130 BONE
Fat Papa Walker 130 CASPER
Fat Papa Walker 130 CHROME
Fat Papa Walker 130 RED WING BLACK BIRD
Fat Papa Walker 130 SLEAZY SHAD
Fat Papa Walker 130 SPRO BLUE
Fat Papa Walker 130 THE DEAL

For more information, visit: https://spro.com/

SPRO Topwater Bait

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