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What ‘Era’ Are You in? Here Are 10 Outdoorsy Escapes, One for Each Taylor Swift Era

Taylor Swift’s Eras tour has already broken at least five records—and she’s still got another year on tour. Whether you managed to snag tickets or not, the tour is about to become more accessible to the masses with the October 13th release of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour in movie theaters.

Here are a few ways to get outdoors in the spirit of each Taylor Swift album.

Taylor Swift (Debut Album): Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

Image by Tony Barber

Taylor Swift grew up in Pennsylvania before her family moved to Nashville in her early teens, where she released her debut album. For an outdoorsy take on where her music career started taking off, visit the mountains of eastern Tennessee, which have inspired country music stars for generations. Great Smoky Mountains National Park straddles the Tennessee/North Carolina border and is one of the most-visited and accessible national parks in the U.S. 

Fearless: Texas Hill Country

Image by Shahin Abasov/500 px

If you happen to be on your own journey of finding your voice, head to Texas Hill Country. Aside from gorgeous scenery like Hamilton Pool Preserve, where a spring drips from a rock overhang into a pristine turquoise pool, you’ll also find exciting resources here for budding musicians. From October 20-22, the town of Dripping Springs will host a free Songwriters Festival, where you can listen to budding artists on eight stages downtown. 

Speak Now: Choose a Challenge

Image by Jordan Siemens

Speak Now is all about confessions, words unsaid, and figuring out how to speak up before it’s too late. So why not set off for an confidence-boosting adventure that will feel like a major achievement? If you’ve never traveled abroad, you could join a group trip with a company like Flash Pack, which caters to single travelers in their 30s and 40s. Or, if you’ve never been on top of a mountain, you could head to Colorado to summit a Fourteener, a 14,000-foot mountain. Quandary, near Breckenridge, is a great one for first-time peakbaggers, as it’s moderately difficult and very popular—so help and enthusiasm are never far away should you need them. You can also reach the summit of Pikes Peak, which is near Colorado Springs, by car and by cog railway, if a full-day climb is outside your abilities or skill set.

Red: Camino de Santiago

Image by Ruben Earth

The classic tracks from Red are about being wild and carefree, getting over heartbreak, and moving on without looking back. Head off on your own self-discovery adventure by embarking on a long-distance hike like Europe’s Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage route through Portugal, Spain, and France. The 500-mile trek takes about 30 days to complete, and you can stay in inns in towns along the way—so it’s a great journey for solo trekkers who like the solitude of walking alone but who also want to meet other travelers in town in the evenings.

1989: New York City

Image by Marco Bottigelli

Welcome to New York: It’s been waiting for you. For a calmer approach to New York, book a stay at the Hoxton in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is in a quiet neighborhood a short walk from the grassy Bushwick Inlet Park and the East River. To follow in the footsteps of Taylor’s early pop days, head to Greenwich Village, home to the Cornelia Street apartment featured in the Lover album. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush that can’t be satisfied by the greenery of Central Park or the High Line, head to Governor’s Island in New York Harbor, which has an adventure park, complete with a zipline. 

Reputation: Caribbean 

Image by Der Brieihager

When Taylor dropped the Reputation album, she hadn’t been in the public spotlight for a year. If you’re looking for your own hideaway, take your pick of dreamy island escapes in the Caribbean, where you’re not likely to run into anyone you know. Start daydreaming on Airbnb by using its private-island search feature. Or, check out the Rosewood Little Dix Bay in the British Virgin Islands, with luxury accommodations, including private pools and beach access. Cuba is also an incredible destination for outdoor adventures, with phenomenal snorkeling in the Varadero area and great climbing around Viñales.

Lover: London

Image by Gary Yeowell

London may be one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, but it’s also a great place to find a little bit of urban adventure. As you tick off all the neighborhoods in “London Boy,” try kayaking on Regent’s Canal through Camden or the Lea River Navigation in Hackney. You can rent kayaks in Camden from the Pirate Castle and canoes in Hackney Wick from Moo Canoe. Don’t forget to visit Hampstead Heath, too—one of the city’s most beloved and wild parks.

Folklore: Rhode Island

Image by Marion Faria Photography

Rhode Island has more Taylor Swift-owned real estate per capita than any other state. That’s a Rhode Islander’s way of saying, “Yes, we know, it’s very small. But Taylor Swift has a house here!” (We dare you to find a Rhode Islander who won’t tell you this.)

Anyway, if the Rhode Island shoreline is good enough for Taylor, we would venture to guess you might enjoy it, too. Her $17.75 million mansion, whose history inspired the song “The Last Great American Dynasty,” is a stone’s throw away from Ocean House, a luxury hotel in the swanky and understated Watch Hill neighborhood, which is often overshadowed by the internationally famous Newport. Newport usually gets all the international fame for its gilded-age mansions, sailing, sandy beaches, and famous Cliff Walk, and it is indeed a great place to visit with a family. Watch Hill, on the other hand, is much quieter and feels like it has a more rugged, natural beauty to it. The nearby Burlingame State Park is home to the southern terminus of the North-South Trail, which runs lengthwise through the state.

Evermore: Burlington, Vermont

Image by Halbergman

Vermont has incredible fall foliage for all the Evermore vibes you could hope for, and road trips here are serene thanks to a state law against visual clutter (billboards). You can take a direct train from New York City to Burlington, and the boutique Hotel Vermont offers free bike rentals to explore the shores of Lake Champlain. In winter, check out the Lake Morey Resort, where guests can borrow snowshoes or ice skates to take a 4.3-mile lap around the frozen lake.

Midnights: Iceland


Few places on Earth have as much literal fire and brimstone as Iceland, making it a great place to explore the vibes of songs like “Anti-Hero” and “Karma.” It’s also an epic place for insomniacs who find themselves awake into the wee hours. In summertime, the days are so long that you can visit natural tourist attractions at nearly any hour. And in wintertime, as long as the skies are clear, you have a decent chance of seeing the Northern Lights

Iceland may be more than a little overrun by tourists, but most visitors stick to areas within a couple of hours of Reykjavik. To put some distance between you and the biggest crowds, rent a camper van and visit the smaller towns along the Ring Road. In Hverir, you’ll find bubbling mud pits, and in the Lake Myvatn area, you’ll find hot springs that rival the Blue Lagoon.

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