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WATCH: Bald Tires Are a Terrible Idea (Mountain Biker Shows Why)

If you’re hesitating to replace your balding bike tires, you’ll feel ready to fork up the cash after watching mountain biker Jasa Vodopivec demonstrate why bald tires are a truly terrible idea.

The video starts with Vodopivec, who is a Slovenian mountain biker, using a knife to slice off the knobs on his bike tires, leaving them smooth . . . way too smooth. He then takes to the trails, and the results are pretty much exactly like you would expect, but it’s still really funny to watch.

Vodopivec slips and slides around, falling over several times. At one point, he furiously pedals as his tires spin in place, then looks back at his GoPro, laughing. At another point, something appears to break off his bike (?!), but overall he seems to be having fun.

Watch as this mountain biker shows us how bald tires can really ruin mountain biking:

Who knew how important those little knobs are on bike tires? Well, even if we did know that bald tires are a bad idea, it’s still entertaining to see some proof.

Many thanks to Vodopivec, who sacrificed his tires for this educational video.

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