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WATCH: Kids Hilariously React to Gnarly Mountain Biking Stunts

Mountain bikers may not be human—because some of their stunts make no logical sense at all. A new video from Mahalo my Dude, a channel dedicated to mountain biking videos, shows kids’ reactions to seeing epic stunts on video, and the results are pretty funny.

When watching recorded mountain biking stunts and tricks from MTB legends like Danny MacAskill, Anthony Shelly, Killian Bron, Fabio Wibmer, Jordie Lunn (1983-2019), and others, the kids said things like:

“He’s an alien, bro. He has the balance of a god!” and “Who gave them permission to do that?”

Some more personal favorites include:

“I can do that when I get bigger.”

“I wonder how many tries that took!”

“This looks the sketchiest.”

And “is this real?”

After watching a series of successful death-defying stunts, the kids watched some epic fails.

Here are their reactions in real time:

Which reaction’s your favorite?

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