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Chasin’ the Sun – Paddle Therapy

On this episode of Chasin’ the Sun, hosts Justin Leake and Travis Holeman set out for the marshy flats near Panama City Beach in search of redfish. This week, the crew knows they can’t get close enough to their target with conventional fishing boats, as the fish are cruising in only a few inches of water. “If a fish is willing to go somewhere, then I’m willing to get to them,” says Capt. Leake. “Sometimes, that means abandoning a perfectly good boat.”


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chasin' the sun

Leake and Holeman anchor their Morada 24 just outside the fishing zone and launch standup paddleboards. “Paddleboards can take you into extremely shallow water and the slow pace helps you truly learn the area you’re fishing,” says Capt. Holeman.

Armed with only the bare essentials, the boys head for the marsh to watch the redfish up close in their natural environment. It’s Holeman’s first time fishing from a standup paddleboard and after he masters the basic combination of balance, paddling and casting it quickly turns into a competition between the anglers to see who can land the most fish.

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