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WATCH: This Animal Sends a Grizzly Bear Running out of Fear

A new post on Instagram does an amazing of capturing wildlife in their natural habitat. The video is also proof that the top predator isn’t always king. 

Bo Welden, a wildlife guide in Jackson Hole, WY, captured this video of a brown bear sprinting away from a river. Welden shared the video with the question, “What animal do grown grizzly bears run from?”

Within a few seconds, it’s clear that a mother bison is charging the bear. The animals then run into the nearby brush.

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While there isn’t a bison calf visible in the video, bison are known for being aggressive when protecting their young. Wildlife officials with the National Park Service recommend staying at least 25 feet from the animals. 

However, we’ve seen multiple incidents this year involving bison and people who were left injured. It’s unclear whether the people were too close to the animal.

It’s estimated that a bison can run three times as fast as a human. Plus, as the largest land mammal in North America, they can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. The animal is not something to mess with . . . even if you’re a bear.

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