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Tesla Cybertrucks Are Controversial, But How Are They Holding Up in the Wild?

Last month saw the release of the long-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck. The vehicle is the logical step as the world pushes towards more electric cars, but there’s plenty of controversy, debate, and memes mocking the Cybertruck. No matter what you think, you may soon see an off-roading Tesla Cybertruck at a trail near you.

The first Cybertrucks hit the market at the end of November, starting at $80,000 for all-wheel drive. The truck’s design, as well as its ties to billionaire Elon Musk, have fueled much of the controversy around the vehicle. Now, with a few hitting off-road trails in National Forests and other public lands, some don’t know what to think.

Tesla Cybertrucks: The Vehicle of Mars?

One YouTube user filmed this video as they headed down a hill:

The account, Muffy’s Garage, is a Rav4 enthusiast who drives around Northern California. When he came head to head with three Cybertrucks, he reversed to let them pass and commented, “I feel like I’m on Mars.”

The comments on the post were less enthusiastic, mocking the turning radius of the vehicle, while others rolled their eyes at the sight of what some think could be the future of cars.

Ok, But Can the Cybertruck Go Off-Roading?

This video is far from the only clip of a Tesla in the outdoors. Another viral one captured a Cybertruck stuck in the snow after sliding off the road in Stanislaus National Forest.

According to media reports, Tesla is trying to make the Cybertruck an off-road capable vehicle. This company says it includes an all-wheel-drive system and a suspension with plenty of clearing below. However, the first videos making their way online have left some questioning whether or not the Cybertruck should be off-roading at all.

What do you think? Would you go off-roading in a Tesla Cybertruck?

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