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Trail Cam Shows Grizzly Bear and Cubs Catching Salmon in a River

A trail camera in British Columbia captured a picturesque scene—a grizzly bear family catching salmon in a river. In the video, you can watch as the mom grizzly catches a fish, lets her cubs chow down on it, then misses a couple of fish before catching another. It’s cute to watch the cubs splash after their mom, gnaw on a salmon, and try to catch fish themselves.

The Wildlife Society posted the video on YouTube this week with permission from Nuxalk Fisheries and Wildlife Office/University of Victoria. The footage is from 2020.

Watch a grizzly bear and cubs catch salmon here:

Trail cameras catch such wonderful wildlife moments—everyday moments that humans wouldn’t be able to see normally. Typically, if a human is there, animals know it long before the human recognizes the animals’ presence.

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With trail cams, though, there’s no scent to throw the animals off their normal behavior. The cameras also provide “eyes” on an area 24/7, which offers more opportunity for spotting animals in the wild. Sometimes, this means catching a glimpse of an extremely elusive or rare animal. Other times, it means capturing footage of an everyday endearing moment like this bear family on the hunt.

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