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Help Get Your Family Outdoors With the 5 Best Camping Episodes of Kids’ Shows

If you like camping, it is much easier if your children also enjoy it too. Sometimes, though, kids need a little bit of extra motivation to love the things their parents love.

Here are five great shows to get the whole family in the camping spirit. 

5. Bluey, Season 1, Episode 43 (Disney+)

bluey camping episode
(Source: Disney+)

Bluey is an international sensation that’s one of the most popular shows on Disney+. The Australian show follows a family of dogs in their everyday lives. In “Camping,” Bluey and her family head to the brush for a few nights of camping. Bluey makes a new friend named Jean-Luc, who only speaks French. The episode focuses on how the two become temporary camping friends and communicate even when they don’t speak the same language.

4. Peppa Pig, Season 3, Episode 6 (Paramount+)

peppa pig camping episode

Like Bluey, Peppa and her family of pigs are also looking for a vacation in this episode called “The Camping Holiday.” Peppa and her parents take a camper van for their lake trip. Fortunately, in Peppa’s world, their camper van also works as a boat. (We don’t recommend you try this with your camper.)

3. Trash Truck, Season 1, Episode 2 (Netflix)

trash truck camping
(Source: Netflix)

Trash Truck showcases the daily adventures of a little boy named Hank who’s friends with a bear, raccoon, and, oddly enough, a full-sized garbage truck. In the episode “Slumber Party,” the four decide to have a sleepover, and the unconcerned parents set up a tent in the backyard. The episode focuses on Hank’s fears of sleeping outdoors when it’s dark and how he overcomes them.

2. Daniel Tiger, Special Episode (Prime/PBS)

daniel tiger goes camping
(Source: PBS)

PBS’ Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood focuses on communicating with kids on their level. The special “Daniel Goes Camping” episode is nearly an hour long and shows just about everything that makes camping awesome. In short, this may be one of the best camping episodes to show your kids before a camping trip. Daniel learns about all the fun of spending a night under the stars. You’ll need a PBS subscription to watch this episode.

1. Blippi, Online Educational Video (YouTube)

Blippi is an online show aimed at preschoolers. In this 17-minute-long webisode, Blippi discusses camping and answers questions your children may have about spending a night outdoors. The free episode covers everything from setting up a tent and sleeping bag to a look at the cool things you may find on a camping trip.

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