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Caught on Trail Cam: Smiley Bear Is Winning the Internet

Johanna Turner captures some amazing images on trail cameras, and her latest image from California’s Santa Monica Mountains is winning over the internet. It’s a big, smiley black bear, and doesn’t he look so happy? He’s practically smiling at the camera.

See Turner’s smiley bear photo here:

Turner, the wildlife photographer behind Cougarmagic, specializes in the use of camera traps, according to her Instagram profile. She shares photos of wildlife from the area, including not only black bears (there are no brown bears in California) but also mountain lions, foxes, bobcats, and more. Turner also advocates for mountain lion conservation in Southern California.

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Turner doesn’t provide any context for this picture-perfect photo in her social media posts. City lights appear behind the smiley bear, and it seems slightly taken aback by the camera setup, which clearly involves some lighting.

Earlier this week, Turner shared a photo of a mountain lion in what appears to be the same exact spot.

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