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Watch: Grizzly Mauling Black Bear

A series of short videos shows the harsh life of bears and just how brutal a life lived in the wild can be.

A passerby filmed a grizzly bear tearing into a smaller black bear on the side of the road in rural Canada. 

“This is definitely one of the craziest things we have seen on a drive home,” said Susan Griffith of Dawson Creek, British Columbia, in a Facebook post on Aug. 30. 

The videos show the grizzly biting and clawing at the black bear, which appears either dead or dying, in a ditch and then try to pull it up a hill.

Griffith added two shocked emoji faces to her comment. Since the videos were posted, they’ve garnered nearly 300 comments and more than 500 shares. 

While it’s unclear if the grizzly killed the black bear, it’s generally understood that it could. On paper, grizzlies are much larger than black bears — often around 2 feet longer and 200 pounds heavier. 

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