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Human Gear GoBites Uno Spork Review

There is something about having dedicated utensils for camping that just makes the experience a little easier. No running around throwing your kitchen in to a box for the weekend or using plastic ware that just gets thrown away, use the Human Gear GoBites Uno Spork be nice to your kitchen and the environment.

Appearance: It may be weird to say but the GoBites Uno Spork is a good looking utensil. It’s curved in all the right places and is actually a useful means of chowing down on some food. The spork feels smooth with a matte finish and an overall clean look. They definitely don’t cheat you with the fork and the spoon as they are both a manageable size.

Ease Of Use: Well if you can work a fork and a spoon, the GoBites Uno Spork will be a breeze. With both utensils conveniently available to you by flipping the apparatus, eating and storing utensils when camping just got much easier. We like that it isn’t truly a spork in that it doesn’t incorporate the spoon and fork in the same element. The spoon is on one end with the fork on the other. With a simple turn you can go between each utensil and the best part is it’s actually comfortable and shaped to fit your hand. Unlike other camping utensil devices, the GoBites Uno has a nicely sized spoon, so you don’t feel like you’re eating with your toddlers utensils.

GoBites Uno Spork
Human Gear GoBites Uno Spork

Durability: Made with a proprietary ultra-durable nylon, the GoBites Uno feels solid. No worrying about the fork tine breaking off or the whole thing snapping in half like plastic ware tends to do. You can also feel good about not ingesting anything harmful as the Uno utensil is BPA-free, PC-free, and phthalate-free.

Value: For $3.99 you just can’t go wrong picking up a GoBites Uno Spork for everyone in the family to store in the camp box. It won’t make a dent your wallet and you’ll have a great set of utensils that is dedicated for your camping trips.

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