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KEEN Makes A Difference In Africa

KEEN strives to make a difference for its customers by creating quality outdoor clothing and footwear products. But now they’re making a difference in a new way. They recently teamed up with the Cloudbase Foundation to help a community in Malawi, Africa.

The Cloudbase Foundation is a nonprofit organization centered on para-gliders and hang-glider pilots from all over. Their main goal is to give back to the communities and areas they fly at. They do this through charitable giving, providing several types of medical care, assisting in educational growth for children, and providing clothing and toys for children.

In the country of Malawi, Africa there is only one paragliding pilot: Godfrey Masauli. What makes Masauli unique is not only his experience as the country’s only paraglider, but his desire to change the community around him. His dream is to create a flying-specific adventure tourism business in Malawi, Africa. KEEN and the Cloudbase Foundation wanted to help make that dream come true.

Traveling over 1,200 miles through South Africa, KEEN Ambassador Nick Greece and the Cloudbase Foundation met up with Masauli to launch his dream. Along with aiding around the Malawi communities, KEEN and the Cloudbase Foundation spent time with Masauli to find and testing adequate launch sites for his business.

In doing so, this tourism business will create jobs in the area, increase tourism and support schools around Malawi. Through accomplishing his dreams, Masauli is able to meet with children around the country inspiring them to also follow their dreams. It being common to not finish school, Masauli’s message revolves around the importance of education and the need to stay in school to pursue their dreams.

The effect this business will have on the entire community shows that it’s able to impact more than just tourists getting to enjoy flying adventures; Masauli’s dream will encourage many others to pursue their dreams as well. Check out the Follow Your Feet campaign to see how KEEN is making a difference in seeing these dreams come true.

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