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Keeping A Flexible Cutting Board In Your Camp Box

This may sound like a boring tip to switch from your ordinary sturdy cutting board to a flexible cutting board to keep in your camp box, but it has saved us space and we like saving space in the camp box. Usually when we head out camping for the weekend we try to have as much of our meals prepared ahead of time because it just makes it way easier and we are out there to relax – so spending 2 hours preparing a meal doesn’t seem like an activity we want to enjoy in that moment. But there are plenty of times when not everything can be prepared and you need to do some slicing and chopping.

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using a flexible cutting board
Flexible cutting board

We always used to pack the big sturdy cutting board from the kitchen and cram it in to our camp box all awkwardly – itt worked. Then we were introduced to a flexible cutting board and we just knew it was the right fit, literally. A flexible cutting board can be rolled, folded and slid on the side of the box because it is so thin. You may not even remember it is in there – it’s that thin. It does still work just as well as the big sturdy cutting board but it saves space and is easy to keep stored in the camp box at all times. They are available at many of the big box stores for just a few dollars and can make organizer folk real happy.

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