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Lorpen Merino Midweight Hiker Sock Is Great For All Conditions

Hiking in the fall and winter provide some of the best hikes, but you do need to dress for the occasion. To keep your feet toasty use the Lorpen Merino Midweight Hiker sock, it was developed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts who need a durable and reliable sock to protect their feet in any condition.

This Lorpen midweight hiker sock was designed for people who enjoy long hikes with rugged terrain where moisture and the need for warmth are both required. The reason the socks work so well is that the merino wool helps provide warmth but does not overheat the foot, also allowing sweat to wick away. The main issue of other hiking socks is that they fall down during the walk. The Lorpen hiker sock uses Lyrca to keep it in place and medium cushioning that helps the sock fit snuggly in your boots. Great hiking socks are key to a great hike.

Price: $19.99

See the Lorpen Merino Midweight Hiker Sock in action

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