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The Solio ALVA USB Powered Lamp

The Solio ALVA USB Powered Lamp is 25 lumen USB powered light. You’ll get 9 hours of light from the Solio BOLT or HUB, and 15 hours of light if you power it with the Solio CLASSIC2. It only draws .6W, so if you need a little extra light while working on your laptop it will work well for that too. The bulb is rated for 20,000 hours of use and the cord is almost 10 feet long.

Solio also provides a wide array of solar chargers to keep you juiced up on the trail.

Here’s the rundown:

The BOLT Battery Pack and Solar Charger is the most portable model and holds a charge for 2 smart phones. $56 on Amazon.

The CLASSIC2 Battery Pack and Solar Charger will charge your smartphone 3 times or give you a 50% top off for most tablets and e-readers. $75 on Amazon.

The XCELLERATOR Solar Panel and Hub will give you 2 charges on most smartphones and multiple charges for smaller devices. $85 on Amazon.

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