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11 Most Extreme Places to Hike

In this video from Talltanic Channel, they highlight 11 of the most extreme places to hike in the world! Check these out and plan your next extreme hiking adventure! Or, if you’re new to hiking, add these places to your bucket list of places to see.

One spot includes Mount Hua Shan. This just might be the most dangerous hike in the entire world. Devoted hikers, pilgrims, and the brave-hearted have climbed to the temples on the five spires of Mount Hua Shan for centuries, but that doesn’t mean it’s a path that is easily walked.

Almost all of the climbs have almost completely vertical stairways and almost no handholds. There is a trail that someone has built at some point that will let you climb to the top without having to do too much actual rock climbing.

However, it really isn’t that great of an alternative. The shambling walkway is made of loosely fastened planks and nothing, but a chain bolted into the rockface to help you hold on.

Another is called The Maze, Utah. In possibly one of the hardest to reach areas of Canyonlands National Park is something called the Maze, a place that only receives about a measly 2,000 visitors per year. Not because it’s an unworthy place to visit but because it is just SO difficult to reach.

The rock formations create a naturally occurring labyrinth, which is where it gets its name. The Maze is hard to reach and hard to navigate. It’s almost constantly in danger of rockfalls and flash foods. Hence, it’s #7 on the Most Extreme Places to Hike List.

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