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12 Items To Make Your Camping Season the Best Ever

As the weather changes and flowers blossom, more people will be drawn to the outdoors for camping and other recreational activities. Although nothing can compete with the enjoyment you get from mother nature, we’ve compiled a list of items that can enhance it a little.

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Rolla Roasters Hot Dog & Marshmallow Roasting Forks

Rolla Roaster Hot Dog and Marshmallow Roasting Forks from REI.

Built for hot dogs, marshmallows, or whatever you wanna stab and cook, Rolla Roasters are great. They feature a stainless steel design that extends to 42 inches and then collapses for convenient storage. They’re equipped with wooden handles and come in four colors. 

So convenient. Always ready when you need them. Check them out!

Zippo Rechargeable Lithium Ion Hand Warmers


While you can use the Zippo Rechargeable Lithium Ion Hand Warmer to keep your hands warm with six temperature settings, you can also use it to charge any USB compatible devices. Plus, the battery has last up to nine hours. 

Either the 2-hour and 6-hour models make great stocking stuffers. Get them both here.

Wildo Camp-a-Box Complete

Wildo Camp-A-Box

Old timers might call this a “mess kit,” but the Wildo Camp-a-Box Complete is much more than that. It includes everything you need to enjoy a nice meal in the woods. The kit is comprised of a plate with a lid, a large and small Fold-a-Cup, a cutting board, a three-spice container, and a spork. All are made from easily cleaned and sanitized BPA-free materials. All of the elements nest together compactly and weigh just 9.6 ounces. There are 13 different colors for you and the family to choose from, so no one will mix up their Wildo kit with someone else’s.

As soon as they see it, everyone wants his/her own Camp-a-Box. Satisfy  Get them now!

Yeti Rambler 14oz. Mug

Yeti 14oz Rambler Mug
The double-wall vacuum-insulated Yeti Rambler mug keeps your coffee hot for hours in the backcountry. Kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel with DuraCoat finish ensures the mug stands up to wear and tear, and won’t sweat like others. The convenient handle and Trident lid make it perfect for sipping long into a cold mountain night.

Don’t leave home…or camp without your Yeti! Check it out!

COAST Polysteel 600R Flashlight

COAST Polysteel 600R flashlight

The Coast Polysteel 600R is the flashlight you want to have in an emergency. It’s very durable and has a stainless steel core. It kicks out 530 lumens on high and has a beam distance of 810 feet. The most impressive feature, however, is it runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack or alkaline batteries. It’s also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about that either.

The COAST Polysteel 600R is as rugged as any hardcore on your list! Check them out!

Camp Chef Pro 60X Stove

Camp Chef Pro 60X camp stove

Can we just say it? 60,000 BTU (Britsh Thermal Units) for a camp stove is insane. It doesn’t matter what you want to cook on the Camp Chef Pro 60X — it’s going to happen fast. Two 30,000 BTU burners will handle anything you throw their way. They’re great for simmering, because of the fine control you have over the flame. The three-panel windscreen keeps things under control, and the adjustable legs come in handy when you’re cooking up shore lunch on rocky terrain.

Campsite or patio, this is one fine and powerful camp stove.  Check them out!

Ecozoom Versa Stove

Ecozoom Versa rocket stove and accessories

The EcoZoom Versa Rocket stove is one of the fastest, most efficient ways to cook a meal. This 16-pound, ceramic-insulated rocket stove will impress any outdoor cook. The flame is efficient and minimizes soot. The three-pronged cast iron cooking surface is large, and the design will accommodate any size pot. It works equally well with wood or charcoal, and the silicone-covered handles make it easy for anyone to use and transport.

Fast efficient rocket stove goes anywhere you do! Get it here!

E-Z Up Camping Cube Tent

EZ Up Camping Cube Tent

Car camper and pet owners appreciate big tents. If you have the cargo space, why not bring a tent you can sprawl out in? At 10×10 feet, the E-Z Up Camping Cube Tent provides all the space you need to unwind in style. The 6-foot-4 ceiling and cube shape means no space is wasted. What we like most about the E-Z Up Camping Cube are all the ways it accommodates gear on the inside. Twenty-five attachment points allow you to hang gear in nets, or one of the three storage pouches.

Check out the EZ Up Camping Cube with plenty of room for you, your companions, and all your gear.

Camp Roll Table

Camp Roll Table from REI

Whether you’re sitting down to sip a cup of coffee, play some cards, or eat a romantic gourmet candlelight dinner, this lightweight, packable table makes anything possible on your camping adventures. The Camp Roll Table features aluminum legs and heat-resistant aluminum slat top to provide a stable work surface and dining area. The table comes with a small stuff sack but opens to support a full 100 pounds!

Strength and packability make this the best camping table going. Get it here.

Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler

Yeti Tundra 45 quart cooler

A Yeti cooler is truly the gift that keeps on giving. The Tundra 45 is built to withstand just about any outdoor adventure that you can muster up, while perfectly maintaining the chill of up to 56 cans. It’s possible that the Tundra 45 will become your oldest travel companion — as it’s built to withstand the test of time.

Available in five colors — check it out!

Rome Camping Pie Iron Gift Set

Rome Camping Pie Iron Gift Set includes two pie irons and cookbook

There’s nothing quite like a hot sandwich or pie from a cast iron pie iron, and Rome is making it easy to round out your set with their Pie Iron Gift Set. You’ll get both a square and a round pie iron, as well as a 72-page cookbook full of delicious recipes sure to make mealtime even better around the campfire.
Pie irons let the creativity and good times roll. Get on board!

Prices were accurate upon original publishing

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