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3 Best iPhone Road Trip Apps

They’re is just something about the freedom of a road trip that words just can’t explain. It’s like the world is yours for the taking – ready to be explored. If you’re headed out on a long trip, you should make the best of it. We’ve compiled a list of the 3 best road trip apps to help you find unique attractions, stuff your face with delicious food and experience the wild in new way.

1. Roadside America

If you’re looking for offbeat attractions, new sights to see, and tastier eateries to try out, the Roadside America is the perfect traveling app for you. The app will give you handpicked offbeat attractions that make you feel glad you stepped outside of the box and dared to try something new. This app isn’t for people who prefer visiting “typical” destinations. This is seriously one of the most fun iPhone road trip apps we’ve ever used. Bonus – it will load destinations right into Google Maps.

2. Yelp

People use the Yelp app to locate anything from the greatest restaurants or local businesses, to reading reviews on an exciting and new destination. This is a fun and convenient way to locate, recommend and hear the buzz on businesses. The Yelp app is perfect for the adventurous traveler because you can feel confident that no matter where you end up on the map, Yelp will get you where you need to go.It lets you browse what’s near to you, get directions, or even view menus prior to dining.

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3. Dark Stories

Dark Stories is a challenging game that must be played with friends, so it’s the perfect iPhone road trip app. A short story is presented, and the players must ask yes and no questions to try and figure out the solution. The scenarios can seem quite bizarre at first, but after enough well chosen “yes” and “no” questions you’ll become closer and closer to discovering the answer. It’s a great way to break out of that “road trip rut” because it forces you to think in creative and unexpected ways.

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