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Enhance Your Staycation with These 5 Simple Tips

The staycation is on the rise.

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A recent survey indicated that nearly 70% of Americans have done – or will do — a staycation. Factoring in blustery winter temps covering much of the Northern Hemisphere — and COVID ramping back up globally — it may be best option available to explore. The combination of those weather factors may also make the outdoors an unrealistic option for many.

If you can make it out, we do have some great beach recommendations. But, if you are staying close to home, here are ways to make the most of being there.

Explore a part of town you never go

Part of the problem for many people in choosing a staycation is they become incredibly familiar with the parts of town they frequent. Thinking that is all the town has to offer, they don’t step outside of the box and explore. So, one key is to focus the staycation on a part of town rarely explored. Try that upcoming and suddenly trendy neighborhood, for starters. You might be surprised at what you discover.

Find a room at a trendy place to stay

Whether a unique AirBNB or an interesting boutique hotel, opting to stay somewhere other than home will make a staycation feel a little more like a vacation. Many websites offer great last-minute deals that don’t require a second mortgage. Once there, check with the concierge to see what he or she says are some of the fun things to see and do in the area. They probably see the opportunities through a different lens. If you are going to hit the woods, I always like an A-Frame!

Find the truly great places to eat

Part of the allure of visiting a new city is trying new and unique food. The good news is that experience is possible at home. Good food can be found in so many places. Part of the trick is scouting out the great restaurants. As a first step, hit up local blogs and websites to find a unique restaurant or even a different type of cuisine. Ask your friends, and don’t say no to the off-the-wall suggestions they will no doubt make.

Hit up local museums

For some reason, many people seem to only see the sights on a vacation. In the process, they sadly neglect the many great attractions in their own backyard. A staycation is the perfect time to remedy this needless oversight. Better yet, go find a random statue in the town square or some strange oddity on the side of the road and snap a selfie. People might just think you hit up some exotic destination.

Grab drinks at a bar with a great view

Many cities have observation decks or rotating restaurants at the top of a tall building. More than anything, they offer incredible views of life below. Make it a point to add one to the itinerary. If nothing else, it’s the perfect way to close out a trip to the most exotic location of all: your backyard.

The same study also showed an interesting stat, Americans in states like New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania said they would be taking part in a staycation. However, the Mountain of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada was far lower despite — theoretically — having more to do in nature.

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