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5 Empowering Tips To Enjoy The Outdoors All Winter Long

When the temperature drops, people start to spend more time inside because. . . well, it’s cold?

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The cold weather shouldn’t stop you from hanging out with friends and family outside. With a few simple preparations you can prevent yourself from becoming a couch potato this winter, and hey – the fresh is good for you, right?

Get a comfortable chair.

On a sunny winter day, it’s nice to sit around and chat with friends outside, and you’ll need the right chair. One favorite is the MaxRelax Pod Rocker from GCI Outdoor. Because the seat is quilted, it does a great job at reflecting heat so you’re cozy all day.

Have a bonfire!

There’s nothing better than sitting around a bonfire – especially in the winter. This author is currently using the Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit, which is the most capable, portable pit we’ve tested to date. It sets up in a minute and only weighs about 8 pounds.

Prepare some hot drinks.

If you have the bonfire going, the next step is to make sure you have some piping hot beverages to share! Cider and hot cocoa are excellent choices.

Good socks and toe warmers for the win!

The No. 1 thing that cuts a winter day short is cold feet. Fortunately, this is easily preventable. Get yourself a good pair of merino wool socks, but don’t stop there. Make sure you pick up some toe warmers too. Toe warmers are your secret weapon for battling the cold. Stick them on the top of your toes and they’ll be toasty all day.

Don’t forget the base layers.

There’s a reason winter enthusiasts talk about layers nonstop – it works! Trapping air is what keeps you warm, and a good base layer gets the job done. If you’re going to be active, a tighter synthetic wicking base layer is a good choice. If you’ll be mostly stationary, go for a heavyweight merino wool.

Jenny Anderson from Women On Ice, shared these five tips for enjoying the outdoors all winter long!

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