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8 Proven Ways To Make You Happy

What makes you happy?

We know that people have an impact on nature, but how does nature affect us? The list below shows what makes us happy. It is based on case studies and has been compiled in the book An ecology of happiness by Professor Eric Lambin. The winner of the Volvo Environment Prize 2014.

Check out the list of ways to make you happy. Does nature make you happy?


8 Proven Ways To Make You Happy

1. Five Daily

Studies show that as little as five minutes of exercise in natural surroundings every day will improve your mood and your self-esteem. Exercising outdoors close to water will have the very best effect.

2. Avoid Relatives

Vacations spent in natural surroundings generate a stronger sense of happiness than vacations with family in a city, or by relaxing at home. In addition, people who vacationed in natural surroundings perform better in tests requiring a high degree of concentration.

3. Plant More

People who spend time gardening are able to handle stress better

4. View 1

People who work in office environments and have trees, shrubs or flowers outside their windows are more content than those who look out at a parking lot or other buildings – and suffer from fewer headaches.

5. View 2

People who have had surgery revoker better if they have a view of nature. They are able to leave hospital earlier, require fewer painkillers ,and have a generally more positive attitude.

6. Breath Fresh Air

A study in several European countries determined that the higher the level of air pollution is, the less happy people seem to be.

7. Impact From Politicians

A UK study has shown that concern for the environment has a negative impact on our level of happiness, and that politicians and decision-makers who are tasked with resolving environmental problems and protecting nature have a posit impact on the happiness of citizens.

8. Say It With An Image

Even images of nature have an impact on us, although not as much as actual experiences in natural surroundings. Patients who are waiting for the dentist in a waiting room with images of beautiful landscapes are said to be less worried while waiting than those waiting in other types of rooms.

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