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A Real Life ‘Frozen’: This Lake in Banff National Park Is Unbelievable

Winter is a magical time in Banff National Park. Between the snow-capped peaks, frosted evergreens, and frozen lakes it feels like a real-life winter wonderland.

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Louise Tuck is from Banff, and she knows exactly where to find its otherworldly beauty. Recently, she took an extraordinary video of a frozen lake and shared it on Instagram.

Through the clear ice, you can see right into the frozen lake with logs and branches visible underneath the ice. The footage has been viewed by 56k users so far, and many people were amazed by the beautiful scenes with towering mountain peaks in the background.

Louise, who appears to be an experienced wild ice skater, always measures the thickness of the ice before pulling on her skates. This lake’s ice was almost 4–5 inches (10–12 cm) thick, making it perfect for skating. From the video, it looks like Louise had the lake to herself. “The most surreal experience,” Louise said. “This week has been the most incredible week for wild ice ever,” she shared in her Instagram reel.

Banff National Park is a wonderful place to explore at any time of the year. Canada’s first national park is part of the UNESCO Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, a World Heritage Site.

Stretching 2,564 square miles across Canada, the area is known for its geo-thermal turquoise lakes, deep glacial valleys, and towering mountain peaks. It’s a popular spot in the summer for hiking with almost 1,000 miles (1,600 km) of trails to discover. In the winter, millions visit for the magnificent winter scenes, as well as cross-country skiing and winter walking

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